My first few weeks in the Emirates

I wanted to write to you and tell you that the past two weeks of induction with the MOE has been incredible.  I have taught in 3 other countries and no other job has been remotely as welcoming and generous as this one has been. We have been treated like royalty!

I arrived at the airport in Dubai and was met by a man who helped me immediately set up my phone and exchange money.  I was then driven to a 5-star hotel where about 5 other new teachers were checking in.  We were all pretty tired from traveling so retired to our luxurious rooms and slept.

The breakfast buffet in the morning was incredible—eggs and waffles and salads and muesli and yogurt.  We met other teachers and exchanged stories.  I ran into 3 other teachers from my last job at King Saud University in Riyadh who have also changed over to this job.  There are many teachers here who have come over from Saudi so it was interesting to exchange information about what happened there. All of us Saudi teachers are pinching ourselves at how much different this treatment is from what we have just come from.



After breakfast, Yaseer brought us for our medical exam and Emirates ID.  Yaseer was so organized and helpful and all 20 of us were finished in an hour.  My friend and I then went out and hung out at the beautiful rooftop pool for an hour before we got on the bus to Dubai.

In Dubai—surprise!  Another 5-star luxury hotel!  We checked into our rooms and then met in the vast lobby to listen to the pianist. In the morning, another full-spread breakfast and then off for an overview of the program at the MOE building.  Everything was extremely organized and efficiently presented.  The MOE had invited local banks so that we could set up our accounts.  In 3 minutes I had my account set up.  I don’t want to bore you with the days of hassle I went through in Saudi trying to do the same.  It reduced so much “new country” stress to have my phone and bank account set up.  This can be very confusing to do when you are in a new culture.

We also got our locations.  I was thrilled because I wanted to be up near the mountains in Ras Al Khaimah and I got it!  My friend loves Dubai so she was very happy to be placed there.

What I didn’t realize about the area is how close the cities are to each other.  The bus from Dubai to Ras al Khaimah is only an hour and a half and costs 20 dr so it is easy to get from one place to another. A group of us who live in different cities are going to meet up in Sharjah this week and see the art museum. So most of the teachers are really happy with their postings and know they can travel into the city or out to the mountains very easily for the weekend.

We spent the week training in Sharjah—cross-cultural understanding, google docs, a CLIL workshop.  We were all given new free laptops (!) and had help logging into the portal where all the course books and resources are stored. Again, beautiful catered lunches were provided.


Getting my new laptop

We were all driven into training from our respective locations.  The MOE has provided hotels for us for the week so that we have a secure base to set ourselves up in with housing. A few of the teachers in Ras Al Khaimah have found places at Al Hamra village for 30-40,000 per year.  I found a traditional house in my small community in Rams for 35,000/year. One of the teachers has chosen to stay in this hotel.  I think he pays around 45,000—pool and gym on location.


Luch during training

After we do our errands and house hunting we meet at the Hilton beach resort which the MOE has ALSO generously provided.  Our most stressful decision is whether to sit by the pool or walk down to the beach chairs.

School starts on Sunday so it will be great to meet our new students and colleagues. As one of the trainers said, this is the pilot year for the program so there is a lot of excitement about being a part of such a bold enterprise. The sheik who has spearheaded this education reform is Harvard-educated and has envisioned an international education for the UAE children.  It is very exciting to be here and part of this mission. In induction we were given an overview of the work that the UAE has been doing with Cambridge to create the curriculum. The sheik’s vision is to have every highs school student score a 6.5 on the IELTS before graduating. They are working hard on clear goals for the English program.


My school in Rams

My friend and I were sitting by the pool and talking about everything that has happened in the past few weeks.  She said, “I feel blessed to be here.”  Me too. When work starts, there will certainly be challenges to implementing a new curriculum and negotiating different teaching cultures but, as foreign teachers, we could not have had more help setting up the logistics of our job to be well-prepared for our teaching.

Please pass on my huge thanks to the organizers of this program for the truly first-class treatment I and my other teacher friends have received.  It is an incredible part of the Arab culture to be so welcoming and generous to guests.  I’m very grateful for this welcome to the UAE.

Leann Wiley


Teachers apartment in Al Hamra village


Local houses in Rams – On the border with Oman



21 Responses to “My first few weeks in the Emirates”

  1. Doris Acan Says:

    Hi….I have read all the exciting piece you have put across and I really wish I could be you now. My name is Doris Acan, a Ugandan National with a bachelor’s degree in English language and literature in English. I have a 6-7 years teaching experience in both rural and urban schools or either single or mixed sexed schools. I wish to be put of that amazing team please. Feel free to connect with here for my documents. Thanks a bunch. Can’t wait to hear from you. Stay blessed.

  2. Lovely Joy Regacho Says:

    Hello. I am a graduate of Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering and saw your ad that you are looking for a Design & Technology Teacher.I have Engineering Skills that helped me to be more qualified with your team. I am also soft-hearted with kids that made me become more interested to become part of the institution. I am currently residing here in UAE. I have already sent my CV on Indeed. It is very much appreciated that my CV will be viewed and will be given the chance to work with you. Thanks a lot. Regards.

  3. Fozia Says:

    Hi leann
    How are you settling in now? How are the pupils and colleagues like?. Hopefully should be starting January, I’m super excited, but nervous too! Hope I get the welcome you received.

  4. Col Pradeep Singh Bhatnagar Says:

    This is simply Great ,,,as a matter of fact ,I am looking for senior level position in any university .

  5. Sonya McGriff Says:

    I didn’t expect anything less from the people over there ,due to the fact I spent time in that region and it has always been on a pretty full scale, however I’ve never been to Dubai, I worked in Saudi for 9 months and visited Bahrain. I’ll arrive January 30 to visit or a week sooner for an interview. What funny is my friend worked with me in China and I told him my goal was to work in Dubai, after a year things wasn’t so good for him now he’s in Dubai working and I’m able to visit him ,too funny.

  6. shaik Khalelullah Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to apply for the role of lecturer to the pharmacy college,
    Do you have any vacancy please contact me.

    • m2rglobal Says:

      Hello Shaik, thank you for taking the time to read and also post a comment. I am afraid that we do not have any roles in pharmacy colleges though.
      Best of luck with your search.
      Yours, m2r Education

  7. Naomi Says:

    that’s very nice adventure. I would like to join you guys but sadly I am not western trained. I however have 1year experience teaching the IGCSE curriculum as a learning support teacher . please what can I do to also stand the chance?
    Thank you

    • m2rglobal Says:

      Hello Naomi, thank you for taking the time to read the blog post and also comment. The majority of our roles require Western training, they are all listed here:

      I would suggest you take a look as you may see some that will accept wider experience.

      Thanks again,

      m2r Education

  8. Nour Says:

    Hi, I would like to find a job in teaching English in any Gulf countries but unfortunately, I have two qualifications from Lebanon and I get Master in (TEFL ) from the United Kingdom.Also, I am not a native speaker as I was born in Lebanon but I have been in the United Kingdom since 2010. So, I don’t know what I am going to do to get a job.

  9. Arsalan Says:

    I M Arsalan Khanzada
    that’s very nice adventure. I would like to join you guys but sadly I am not western trained. I however have 10year experience teaching the office work and Math,Urdu teacher . please what can I do to also stand the chance?
    Thank you

  10. Jasantha Says:

    Hi, I am a South African female Mechanical Engineer who is quite keen to offer my expertise in engineering to the kids on vocational training. I have sound workshop and design experience (CAD and mechanical assembly) and would love to be part of such a dynamic team. I believe that I am a strong candidate as I will be able to transfer as much of my knowledge and experience to the youngsters in the field of engineering. I love kids and am will do my utmost best to ensure that the kids gain as much practical experience and knowledge as possible. I do not have teaching qualifications, though I have mentored young engineers at work and have assisted with teaching first year engineering students during my final year of universtity sudies.

    Looking forward to a favourable response.

    NB: My CV has been submitted via this website and I have applied for the mechanical engineer trainer positions in Abu Dhabi.

  11. kailas vishwanath jaybhaye Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to apply for the role of mechanical engineer,
    Do you have any vacancy please contact

  12. kailas vishwanath jaybhaye Says:

    Dear Sir,
    I would like to apply for the role of mechanical engineer,
    Do you have any vacancy in mechanical industry in design department so please contact

  13. Shavetambri kohli Says:


    I am looking for job opportunity in teaching field in Dubai.

    I am available in Dubai on husband sponsored resident visa and can join immediately.

    Please find the required details:

    Highest degree: M tech Software engineering.
    Experience : No teaching exp(but having 5+ years of experience in IT industry as Software engineer)
    Notice period: immediate

    In case of any relevant openings Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance.

    Shavetambri kohli

  14. Dr Manar Sholkamy Says:

    Dr Sholkamy
    IB Certified teacher.

  15. Rose ILE OBASE Says:

    Hello… its a pleasure for me to write to you .Am ROSE ILE OBASE from Cameroon,I have been a teacher for the past 3years and have experience great growth since from that moment .I have master’s in International Relation and in History for my Bachelor’s.Teaching is part of me I’ll be grateful to join your team at any time

  16. Issahaku Mijimata Says:

    A lot are being said above your company and quite so interesting after reading. I have a degree in Integrated Development Studies and have been a teacher for 5years now. I have read your blog and more than exited. If you could consider me to be part of your team I would be grateful.
    Thank you.

  17. Nilam Says:

    Hi, this experience is what I am currently searching for at the minute. I am based in UK, with over seven years of experience in teaching and lecturing in secondary and further education establishments in UK as well as educational management. I have visited UAE several times and I would be grateful for a call to discuss opportunities in greater detail. Thank you.

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