Rainbow chicks and shiny towers.

What a contrast in a week! My first blog post in Saudi involved heavy rain, the sighting of an Ark and a bloke jet skiing down the street in Riyadh. Qatar on the other hand is boiling. Bright blue sky, loads of sun, I can see the sea… Hang on, this sounds like a holiday. If only.

I arrived on Friday evening and yes, Saturday was a day of rest but Sunday and today have been totally full on. Meetings all day plus the evening, today the first meeting was at 7.30am but took 45 mins to get to, so all in all utterly knackering.
This time I am part of a very well organised trade mission with The Training Gateway. I am very impressed. The slightly lazy side of me wishes for less activity but the far more dominant side is glad that it is all go as this means loads of business opportunities. I am here with my education recruitment hat on and it is lined with felt and looks like a Fedora. The meetings have heralded some positive conversations which I am sure will generate new contracts in Qatar. I have also met some of our existing clients which is always good too. I will certainly be coming back in the near future.

As usual my business professional side always gives way to bouts of dumbassness. I managed to get my feet tangled in a series of fishing lines whilst out for a stroll on Saturday. Unsurprisingly the guy who owned said lines was not overly chuffed.
Before I go to Oman and whilst you wonder of the other 50% relevance of the title to this blog! see below.. I kid you not. At the souk, you can buy rainbow coloured chicks. Not sure of the ethics behind this.



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