Sleepless in Sciatica

Well I survived the flight, immigration and the heavy rains. Shame that my sciatica decided to rear its ugly head and ruin the day. I didn’t plan to spend my first every Saturday in Riyadh, lying on the floor, stretching and trying to stop limping! Oh well, s**t happens.
I was expecting to be in Riyadh airport for years, reinacting that Tom Hanks ‘classic’, The Terminal. My only experiences of airport passport control in Saudi are bad and painfully boring, however this time I sailed through in 15 minutes! Long may this continue.

The amazing lights of Riyadh

The amazing lights of Riyadh

The drive into Riyadh was eye opening, even at midnight there were families having picnics. Normal you might say, however, they were having their night time soirees on sandy verges and outcrops at the side of 6 lane highways! Not something you tend to see as you head down the M1 for example. Loads of them, with fires, kids and food.
The Al Khozama Hotel is fine, tired, but fine. My room doesn’t have the best view but hey ho.

Riyadh from Al Faisaliah Tower

Riyadh from Al Faisaliah Tower

However I didn’t expect to wake up in agony as my back and legs decided to pack in! Endless stretching, some walking and more stretching and it felt slightly better, fingers crossed it continues to improve.
The view from the Al Faisaliah Tower is extremely impressive though. It allowed me to get a good perspective on Riyadh and get my bearings. Thanks heavens there was a lift!

Panorama Riyadh

Panorama Riyadh

The rain last night was pretty heavy though. At one point I am sure I saw Sinbad go past.

So great, I had to take it twice.

So great, I had to take it twice.

So with the very LOUD thunder and my aching limbs, not the best night’s rest but today is another day…..


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