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Latest Press Release

July 13, 2010

Wakefield recruiters m2r are seeking to help local businesses by offering an innovative solution which will save time and potentially money

Having been in Wakefield for over 10 years, m2r aim to develop their local presence by showing companies that they do not have to spend fortunes or rely on ‘the bloke in the pub’ to fill vacancies.

Managing Director Munir Mamujee commented:

“Some time businesses go to the extreme and spend next to nothing on their recruitment. They employ friends, family or someone from the pub. Then they wonder why their business is failing. Others spend fortunes, thinking that using a company in London is the best solution. We want to show both ends of the spectrum that there is an alternative which isn’t free, but is certainly cost effective at less than £500 and will eliminate cold calls, unwanted applications and all associated stress.”

m2r are currently in the process of moving all of their outsourced operations to Wakefield in a bid to show local firms that they do not have to go outside of the ‘merrie city’ to find exceptional companies that will meet and often over exceed their needs.


Low cost recruitment

July 9, 2010

After ten years of running m2r I decided to launch a brand new service for our clients in the UK and Middle East. We were getting feedback that although they wanted to continue to use us, recruitment budgets were being cut. So, in Feb I offered a new service to my clients before rolling it our across the company. It worked!

In March we all started selling it, called the m2r Job Board Management Service. Priced at £495 + VAT in the UK and $800 overseas, our clients were delighted that we could offer them an alternative.

So, now in July, we have a dedicated Telesales Department proactively selling this service and we are in negotiation with some rather large companies who are interested.

Fingers crossed!!!

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