How are nearly 3m people going to get a job in the UK when the Job Centre employs people like this????

This is an actual email we received from the Job Centre. Amazing.

From: xxxxxxxx JCP PURLEY JCP [mailto:xxxxxx.xxxxxx@JOBCENTREPLUS.GSI.GOV.UK]
Sent: 02 September 2009 14:34
To: Info
Subject: Media Sales Cunsult – online advertising QPU/28413
Dear Mr or Mrs Info,
There haven’t been any customers referred to your job advertised with us. I intend on trying to find people on our system but first I need to understand the vacancy description more. Specifically:
– What is ‘new media’ that people must have experience in?
– What are ‘priority listings, local and national banners, web clicks and broadband’?
If you don’t want to explain this all to me or don’t need me to try and fill your vacancy then just say!
If you do then you can reply to this email or call me on 0208 700 xxxx.

This is not a joke.


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