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July 29, 2009

Is a job board better ‘value’ than using a Recruiter?

July 26, 2009

A client and respected business man certainly does not think so. Read below…

In these tough trading times everyone is looking at ways of reducing costs and when you are offered something for free ( Yes I do know the old adage) by the numerous job boards that are around, I was tempted, what was there to lose?

I allocated the responsibility of sifting through the applications to one of my managers with recruitment experience and set up a reply process for those that were not to be invited for interview, we followed the advise given when composing our listing, which we were told would filter applications, ensuring as best a fit as possible, and posted our vacancy.

Response was fairly swift , we received approximately 10 calls a day (from Recruitment agencies offering their services !!) for the first week followed by dozens of applications. Though we were quite specific in the type of person we required ( as you are aware) and had filtered accordingly, not one of the applicants matched even 20% of our requirements.

The use of the jobs board was regretted very quickly and we removed our listing (or I should say attempted to, it took over 3 weeks!) It had tied up 2 members of my team, preventing them from fully carrying out their normal duties and resulted in no interviews.

The experience was far from being “free” and despite being offered the service again on numerous occasions I have not been tempted.

Just a thought, why if the service works would it have to be given away?


So, if you want to get your vacancies filled quickly, the cheapest route is not always the best.