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How to export recruitment services

June 15, 2009

Over 400 000 Uk citizens leave the UK every year in search of a new life. For the majority this move is career and lifestyle driven. If you are not talking to these people, then you are missing out on a great revenue making opportunity, but mud slingers beware, you will quickly ruin your reputation if you enter this half hearted.

There is a wealth of information out there, from the UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) website to expat blogs, all are valuable sources and all should be looked at.

If you were moving abroad, what would you want to know? Make sure you know these answers.
Exporting recruitment services is not for the lazy. This requires effort and commitment. Don’t think for one minute that overseas trips are nice jollys, they are really, really hard work.

Working with different cultures and in different surroundings is exciting and challenging and can reap rewards. Just make sure you do it properly.

So, what should you do to ensure you enter the export market in the most professional manner possible?

1. Do your research!!! Don’t just rely on a few holiday snaps and your drunken memories from years ago. Visit the market, understand the culture and decide whether you feel comfortable sending your candidates there. I appreciate that this is not always feasible but it will set up apart from the rest, trust me.
2. Utilise the UKTI website and arrange to meet a Trade Advisor. This is essential as they will unlock a huge wealth of information. Go on the Passport to Export training course, look at the research UKTI can offer and make use of it. The contacts they can supply could be invaluable.
3. Make sure you understand the culture of the country. Not everyone likes a hard cold call with a quick close. Ensure you learn how business works before you jump in feet first.
4. Read, read and then read some more. The more knowledgeable you are about the market you are about to enter, especially about current events the better. Too many UK recruiters have tried to enter overseas markets and failed, therefore you may be tarnished with the same brush at first.
5. If the country’s first language is not English, then do your best to learn the local language. Even the odd word will work wonders.
6. Pretend you are moving to the country in question. How easy is it?

The more information you have, the more credible you will be in front of clients and candidates. Remember, they have probably seen / heard it all before……

So, what makes what I say credible? 4 Overseas trips, clients and partner companies across the globe, awards success and international recognition.


m2r after Bahrain

June 9, 2009

I never wrote day 6. Just sooooo tired. After 34 appts, loads of manago dreams, sand and heat, all I wanted to do was sleep.
Great trip though, pulled in around 20 vacancies, 10 new clients with more to follow.
Had dinner at Lanterns, really nice place.
On the way back I bumped in the Australian football team in Dubai Airport on their way to Qatar for a World Cup Qualifier. Got Harry Kewell’s autograph and he congratulated us on a successful business trip. (Apparently).
Since Bahrain we have won our first business award, been shortlisted for our second and I have been invited to 10 Downing St to meet the PM!! At last, some recognition.
All the images and links are on our Facebook Fan Page so have a look.

m2r in Bahrain Day 5

June 3, 2009

Bahrain development - Certainly getting there!

Bahrain development - Certainly getting there!

Getting tired now. 34 meetings in 5 days takes it’s toll on you.

Still, another day, does lots more business, got another 10 vacancies and flying the m2r flag proud and high.

Could do with a long sleep, may have to wait til the flight home for that though.

Off for a mango feast tonight. Only joking. They have run out.

m2r in Bahrain Day 4

June 2, 2009

World of mangos!

World of mangos!

Our home this week

Our home this week

A scorcher today.

Met with existing clients who are very happy with the service we are providing, it seems that we can provide a better service from the UK than that of the local recruiters. Great for us!

Great new biz appointment with an up and coming company with huge aspirations. We have been tasked with filling 3 C Level roles, looking forward to this one.

Out for dinner with a client tonight, had lunch with one today, it is great when you are appreciated.

Oh, and we have just been shortlisted for an award for ‘International Business of the Year’ too!!

m2r in Bahrain Day 3

June 1, 2009

Not a bad place to have a meeting!

Not a bad place to have a meeting!

A good day all round. 5 concrete vacancies, good solid roles with the potential of loads loads more.
Saw the various Sheikh’s residences, yes, they know how to live.
Still very windy so still covered in sand. Saw two guys on horseback being chased by a dog. Very surreal.
We will be coming back to the UK with business, increased profile and reputation and the knowledge that our service levels will be greatly appreciated by Bahraini companies. Can’t be bad.
Still being inundated with mangos. Is this the staple diet? Mango curries, mango cakes, just waiting for the mango pizza.
Until tomorrow.