m2r in Bahrain revisited! Day 1

It is boiling. Not UK boiling, melt the skin off your face boiling. Ah well, better than the sand storm we had last time!
Flight was good, Emirates are a great airline.
We are staying in Seef, not in a hotel but in an appartment. After all, if we are to advise UK citizens about what it is like to live in Bahrain, we may as well experience ‘normal living’ also.
Been to the Lulu Hypermarket, 101 varieties of mango! I had no idea that the mango gene pool was so diverse.
Food is really cheap. Did a weeks shop for 2 of us and it came to a tenner. You name it, you can get it. Bigger, better and cheaper than at home. Coupled with the service – wow!
Going to watch the FA Cup final at Champs Bar soon, then 5 days of work. Well, that is what we are here for.
32 appointments, only 4 with existing clients. Even the most pessimistic would expect a result here.
So, I will check in again tomorrow, probably still boiling but loving it!!!


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