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m2r in Bahrain day 2

May 31, 2009
Home from home

Home from home

So, we are back to working for a living.

It is blowing a gale here. Sand clouds everywhere. Lovely.

We have had a profitable first day, 8 meetings, 8 vacancies from 3 clients and a very good discussion with our potential new Consultant who will operate from Bahrain.

We may also have a link to royalty here, fingers crossed!

Being woken up at half 1 by bin men outside wasn’t great but it isn’t the end of the world. Feta cheese and mint leaves on toast was a different was to start the day but it was actually very welcome….

One day done, great start to the week. another 8 meetings tomorrow, more of the same please!!!

Oh and well done Diversity. (Had to get that in).


m2r in Bahrain revisited! Day 1

May 30, 2009

It is boiling. Not UK boiling, melt the skin off your face boiling. Ah well, better than the sand storm we had last time!
Flight was good, Emirates are a great airline.
We are staying in Seef, not in a hotel but in an appartment. After all, if we are to advise UK citizens about what it is like to live in Bahrain, we may as well experience ‘normal living’ also.
Been to the Lulu Hypermarket, 101 varieties of mango! I had no idea that the mango gene pool was so diverse.
Food is really cheap. Did a weeks shop for 2 of us and it came to a tenner. You name it, you can get it. Bigger, better and cheaper than at home. Coupled with the service – wow!
Going to watch the FA Cup final at Champs Bar soon, then 5 days of work. Well, that is what we are here for.
32 appointments, only 4 with existing clients. Even the most pessimistic would expect a result here.
So, I will check in again tomorrow, probably still boiling but loving it!!!

The Bahrain Highway Code

May 6, 2009

I found this on

The copy is below, if you live, are planning to live or have been to Bahrain, it makes excellent reading!!

1. At any junction 1 in 4 cars must do a U-Turn.
2. Only Western drivers need to use indicators.
3. Local drivers will generally be in the wrong lane for where they are going.
3a. It is perfectly acceptable to turn right from the left hand lane on a 3carriageway road – and vice versa.
4. Bicycles must not be lit, can only travel in the opposite direction to the traffic on the carriageway they use, unless using the pavement.
5. Local women drivers are exempt from the need to park their car in a marked parking space, even assuming the vehicle is small enough to fit in to just one space in the first place.
6. Never, ever let anyone out into your lane or offer any acknowledgement if anyone should be foolish enough to let you into their lane.
6a. As a consequence of 6 it is expected that cars emerging into a lane will do so even if this space is too small and hence the car that is already on the main carriageway must brake hard and swerve into the spare lane – even if it isn’t free.
7. Cement lorries can go whereever they like.
8. Taking driving lessons is a sign of weakness and taking a driving test is just foolish; after all if you crash it is evidently the ‘Will of Allah’.
8a. You will be reminded of 8 by the fact that you will see a fairly major and avoidable road traffic accident almost every other day.
9. Don’t even think of riding a motorbike unless it is after dark and maitains an average speed in excess of 100mph. Unless it is a pizza delivery moped in which case it assumes the rights of a Cement Lorry (see Rule 7) but with less sustained success.
10. Traffic Lights are only advisory.


Are there still jobs in the Gulf?

May 6, 2009

If you were to speak to 9 out of 10 recruiters they would paint a very bleak picture about jobs in the Gulf. You would be told to stay put, no one is recruiting, jump off the Burj etc etc. Now, this is not entirely true. Admittedly there has been a massive recruitment downturn and jobs are harder to come by, but all this means is that companies will only hire exceptional applicants instead of maybe ‘taking a flier’. For you, the exceptional applicant, this will come a good news as the number of exceptional applicants is greatly overshadowed by the FILTH (Failed in London, tried Hong Kong) in the Gulf.

The Gulf will become a much more professional place, all the wannabees, pseudo business execs will all go back to Surrey leaving the professionals to get on with their jobs.

We are currently handling executive roles in Bahrain, Saudi and the UAE and I see vacancies at this level in the rest of the GCC also. Key areas are still finance, IT and construction. Hospitality has taken a battering but we still have senior roles in this market, media is suffering but again, we have some vacancies. You just have to look for them!

We have candidates who have 5 interviews with 5 different companies arranges, companies are still expatriating and recruiting locally but they are just more cautious. Basically, if you are a blagger, don’t bother. If you are honest, professional and legitimate, you will get a job.

This market is an excuse for the lazy to become lazier. The energetic and proactive will thrive which can only be a benefit for us all. So, don’t give up after the ninth recruiter fobs you off as the tenth will probably be the one…