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Recruiting in Wakefield for Dubai and Australia

A Wakefield company is opening doors to career opportunities overseas for British sales and management personnel.

M2R opened its doors in 2001 and quickly became a driving force in the local, then national, recruitment scene.

Founder and managing director, Munir Mamujee said: “At M2R we have never been just about numbers, but have always focused on the quality of the services we offer to both the job candidates and the clients. Candidates need to be handled sensitively and the clients need to avoid the barrage of CVs and inappropriate candidates they can often be up against when advertising a post.

“We try to save clients as much time as possible in the recruitment process, by quickly narrowing down the selection and making sure they only see the most promising candidates for the post. With ten years of recruitment experience and another five in media sales, I have been able to build up business with local SMEs as well as major blue chip clients.”

With his knowledge and passion for the market, it wasn’t long before Mamujee began looking further afield for business opportunities. It was on a holiday trip to Dubai that he first became aware of the business potential in the large ex-pat employment market there. Mamujee wasted no time in following this up with a series of cold calls to Middle East based companies.

After making contact with one of the largest publishing houses in the Middle East, Mamujee worked with UK Trade & Investment (UKTI) to explore the range of export services available that would help him take his plans further.

Mamujee explained: “I had talks with UKTI’s international trade adviser, Brian Aungiers, and joined the Passport to Export programme. This gave me a lot of valuable general tips about doing business overseas and introduced me to some of the services that could help me take things forward. The funding from the Passport programme got me out to Dubai on my first market visit and, with Brian’s direct line to the UKTI team based there, I met Sunita Mirchandani at the Embassy who gave me a lot of on-the-ground information about developing my business in the Emirates.”

On his return to the UK, Mamujee further examined the possibilities for his business not only in the Middle East, but also in Australia and New Zealand, through the Export Marketing Research Scheme (EMRS). EMRS offers advice and funding to small and medium businesses to research specific export markets.

Mamujee added: “The Passport programme, together with the EMRS results, gave me the confidence to go out to Dubai again in October last year and really do business. This time Brian was able to direct me towards funding from the Yorkshire Forward programme, the Targeted Export Support Scheme (TESS) to make the trip, and with his help and Sunita’s I already had a series of meetings in place when I arrived so I could hit the ground running. It was during this trip that I firmed up some business partnerships that are now fully operational. Our company is now able to offer a range of sales and management positions in Dubai.”

Mamujee didn’t stop there. Armed with market information from the EMRS project he quickly cemented a business partnership for M2R Global in Australia, which means he has now added job opportunities in Melbourne and Sydney to his portfolio.

Naturally, a trade mission to Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, which took place in February, was an opportunity that Mamujee was not going to miss. Led by Brian Aungiers, the trip gave 20 Yorkshire and Humber companies a chance to explore business opportunities in the Middle East.

Says Aungiers: “There’s no doubt that we are going through a difficult economic phase globally but M2R proves that there are still business opportunities out there for companies if they are prepared to do the work. UK Trade & Investment services, such as the Middle East trade mission, are helping companies take some of the first steps in developing an international business profile. We had companies from all sectors joining us on the Saudi trade mission and I’m sure that all of them will have got something positive out of the trip in terms of their business growth.”

Website: www.m2r.co.uk


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