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Back from the Gulf…..

February 24, 2009

Loads to tell, watch this space….


When will we stop being famous??

February 3, 2009

Gulf In Class For Recruitment Consultants

13 January 2009

Professional Recruitment Consultants m2r are finding success during the downturn sourcing jobs in the UAE

m2r specialise in recruiting into sales, with over 20 years of collective experience in this market. The market, even in the Gulf, has seen a considerable decline, however m2r have found a niche recruiting in media and sales service which are both still strong.

m2r, which employs 5 people from its base in Wakefield, has not been unaffected by the economic crises. Munir Mamujee, Director at m2r said:

“Our UK business has been hit, clients that usually spend are not and bringing on new business is tough. In the Gulf, companies are still hiring but with everyone jumping on the bandwagon you have to stand out. Hence we visit the region, take time to understand the culture and develop local knowledge.”

Invited by UKTI (UK Trade and Investment) Munir will soon be visiting the region again. He added:

“We work closely with UKTI through their West Yorkshire office and my tade advisor told me that he was arranging a trip to Bahrain and asked if I would be part of it. The visit is to build relationships with our clients in Bahrain and take the opportunity to showcase our talents to organisations looking to employ the services of a professional recruiter with global coverage.”

Established partnerships in Dubai and Sydney, Australia have enhanced the success of m2r. The office in Dubai allows m2r the opportunity to interview face to face whilst also acting as a base to develop a feel for the region and its needs, building key business relationships in the area. This means m2r develop the knowledge to place the right candidates to the right positions abroad.

Munir continues:

“We are quite selective in who we send. With the economic downturn, we are getting more applicants in the UK wanting to migrate but we have to be certain that they are going for the right reasons.

“Our track record speaks for itself and our service levels are second to none. We work with pride and passion and firmly believe that the customer is king.

“Unlike some businesses I speak to we are not all doom and gloom; we are using this downturn as an opprotunity; exploring foreign markets to get ahead of the competition, putting plans in place now so that when the market turns, we are already leading.”

Source: Wakefield First
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