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A recruiters view on relocating to Dubai (Research)

December 1, 2008


Make sure you have done your research before contacting a recruiter. If you have no idea where Dubai is, the Consultant will be less inclined to do any work for you. So, think hard as to why you want to go to Dubai. If it is simply because it is warm, then forget it. Buy a gas fire.

There are numerous expat websites extolling the virtues and damnations of Dubai. If you are planning to move out by yourself, the level of research will not be as great compared to a family relocation, however, do not go there on a whim. Seek professional advice, talk to people who live there or know the region well. Make sure you get an objective opinion.

Check out accommodation, areas, cost of living etc. Find out the major differences and decide whether you can live with them. For example, there are no road signs in Dubai so finding your way round is very difficult. If your sense of direction and adventure is somewhat lacking, then again, Dubai is not for you.

There is enough reading material, podcasts and video on Dubai to keep you occupied for months. But, the more you know the better.